Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5 - It was a very cold, but great 43 mile ride!

We started with Val and Betsy, but soon there were seven.  Thanks for coming out gals... we started with a cold 35 degree temp, and numb toes and fingers... 

Jackie started with saying her "Tips" were numb, but because her lips were frozen, we thought she was saying something else was cold... this set the mood for the day.  Somewhere around Mayo - someone yelled "something was dragging on the wheel under her butt" and the conversation went downhill.  By the time Val had a flat, and the CO2 cartridge wasn't working - Jackie had to hand pump the tire.  Let's just say - Jackie wanted to know how long she had to pump it, and would we know when to quit?  Sooo, we had a great day, lots of laughter.  There was a coyote on the road right as Val got a flat - we decided NO WOMAN WAS TO BE LEFT BEHIND, especially with the coyotes on the loose.

I was so proud of the gals for braving the cold, we decided to practice a pace line at a decent pace and see if we could rotate without any issues - we did it!

Usually we are such a large group -it's tough to get so many TYPE A personalities working together or in the same direction, but we did it.  It was a good ride, great pace, and everyone was glad they came out to ride. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 27th - Have to get back to the Blogging

So sorry for not blogging, but it's been tough keeping up with all the social media ;-)

NWLB is alive and well, and growing every week.  Tri for the Cure training and clinics have started as well.

- Congrats to an amazing bunch of friends... you ROCKED the house!!

Thank for supporting Tri Scottsdale and NWLB gals!

Kathy said there were many shout outs on the course for NWLB - lots of recognition - love this stuff!!!!

Shawna Folts    11:07:57     4th div.
Cindy Blair    11:47:07   
Kelly Nash    12:26:57   
Beth Brooks    12:27:59   
Cynthia Rodarte    13:51:40   
Deni Ewell    13:55:57   
Shelly Marks    14:27:57   
Kathy Zanath    15:38:52
Tricia Grossman    16:47:33       
Stephanie Dietrick 

NWLB Support Crew
Thanks for riding out to support the Ironman Athletes.

And..... the Turkey Trot Great Turnout - thanks for having fun! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

March 4th - What happened to January and February?

Tri for the Cure - March 20, 2011, is right around the corner... We have had some great clinics:  swimming, cycling, bike maintenance, running, triathlon training, and our All Star Relay team.  Hopefully by now - everyone is feeling pretty confident and ready for the event.  We have one more swim clinic this Sunday, and then our normal run/ride groups until race day.
Don't forget to register - time is running out:

The shirts and medals will be amazing with a great design by Scott L.

The T4C cyclists have been showing up on Sundays and are up to 20 miles, some have even joined the NWLB A/B group for a couple rides.  Great job gals. BIG THANKS TO PRESTON, ROLLIE, MATT M, PAT C, and ERIC M.

RUNNING - Track Workouts have been amazing, the group is larger than ever.  Don't let this intimidate you, the track is the perfect place to pick up your game and improve your speed.  Again, NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND - because you are running on a track ;-)

SWIMMING - Swim Clinics have been very successful and the turnout is impressive.  The last one is this Sunday, 3PM, Gainey Village Health Club Pool with Shawn O and Lewis E.  Hope to see you there.

BICYCLING - March 6th - 8AM Paradise Bakery, Scottsdale and Doubletree - Gainey Shops Parking Lot.  I know there are a lot of women just getting into cycling or advancing on cycling and there has been a big demand for used bicycles.  If you have one you would like to sell, or are in need of a bicycle - please email me and I'll do my best to connect BUYERS AND SELLERS!

HIKING/WALKING - I believe Lisa Kravetz is still climbing Camelback mountain every Friday - so if you are interested in hiking, send her an email:
Other than that... stay tuned - more to come!