Saturday, March 1, 2014

We love stories with happy endings and NWLB taking care of our community.  Thanks Laura and Stefanie for being so awesome!

"It was New Year's Day.  As a precaution, I had left my car at a friend's house the night before.  I packed up my beach cruiser with the dog in tow and set out along a canal course from 68th St. and McDowell to 7th Ave. and Dunlap.  Given the weight of the bike, only three gears and a needy pup in tow, I figured the journey would take a while. 
The cruiser was on its last leg after eight years of tune-ups to give it "one more go at life".  It started making a noise that I knew meant this was its farewell voyage around 32nd Street and Camelback.  Too far to turn back, but with no other resources (would Uber pick me up with a dog?), I trudged on.  Coming up under the underpass near 12st St. and Glendale the bike decided it had had enough and died.  And I mean, instantly died.  
I laughed knowing I was stranded but was met with a friendly walker asking if I needed help.  After my fourth attempt declining the offer (I am not a fan of accepting help....I will work on that), I realized that she wasn't going away.  As I agreed to at least try and fix the bike under her guidance, I realized that she was wearing a NWLB jersey.  Having ridden with the group on numerous occasions (as well as knowing Christina, Tami and Val outside of the group) we started chatting about NWLB and how great the whole group is. 
Laura spent over 30 minutes with me that day.  Ultimately, the bike was totalled, but the experience made me believe in the goodness of humanity again.  Thank you Laura and NWLB for being awesome.....I am grateful for you.   
Stefanie Francis"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 23rd Events

Don't miss the March issue of Scottsdale Health... our one and only Tonsa will be featured - representing NWLB/T4C/SGK and most importantly women of strength and passion.  We LOVE you Tonsa - thanks for being you!!
$10 Ear Warmers Supporting Phoenix Dream Center Rescue Project
Sorry - I missed the ride last week - but will be there this week, with goods in tow.  Also, the $5 jerseys will be with me as well - everything must go Sunday - George says "Get it out of the garage."
LOOPY T4C Cases - Also don't forget - we have Loopy T4C cases for sale - all proceeds go back to Tri for the Cure AZ $15... email nowomanleftbehind if you cannot live without this case ;-) We know we are addicted - Thanks Loopy for your continued support!
T4C Wednesday February 26th at Tribe Multisport  (cnr Scottsdale Rd & Miller in Scottsdale at 6PM) Our Super KonaMom coach Sherianne Nelson - Konamom will be presenting a fun and insightful clinic to help with navigating your way around triathlon, endurance races and good nutrition for training, racing and life! Do not miss this! Friends are welcome. Free for everyone. Thanks Julie Allen and Tribe for hosting the Nutrition Clinic - Julie will probably have some good deals for that evening at Tribe. 
NWLB Phoenix Dream Center Rescue Project 2nd Site Visit and Care Package Delivery
Thursday, February 27 at 6:00pm - 
Meet at Paradise Bakery at 6PM, we will carpool from there down to the Dream Center
Sorry we had to move it from Wednesday to Thursday.  I know this causes conflicts, but we support T4C as well and there is a clinic Wednesday night at Tribe.  We will schedule another visit again next month, if you cannot make this trip.

Congrats to all the runners this weekend and Mtn Bikers in Old Pueblo!
**Who's racing next? Ragnar Teams this weekend? JCC Sprint 2/23? Phoenix Marathon,1/2,10k?? Mnt to Fnt 3/09? Desert Classic Duathlon 3/02??

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo 
2nd Women 4 Person Open Bitty Bitty Ranch Kitties
(Shandra Lee, Karen Lewis, Debra Doss, Darci Komac)

Lost Dutchman Marathon
Julie Allen 3:56:51
Half Marathon
Sue Casaway 2:47:44

Black Canyon 100k
Mel Branta 4th Female 14:25:30

Skirt Chaser 5k
Jane Esahak-Gage 22:32
Jennifer Martin 26:06 
NWLB does not judge nor compare ;-) we just LOVE!

Thanks for sharing this Jamie:
What Dr. Joan Borysenko said in response to this question:
What impact does negative self-talk, such as criticizing our bodies and ability, so common with women, have on our health? 
"In general, we are conditioned in this culture to judgement and comparison, always comparing ourselves to other people.  That's what gives rise to such negative self-talk.  We have this great wound of unworthiness, the wound of self-hatred, the feeling that, somehow or other, we have to beat the competition and we have to prove ourselves in some thing to be worthy. That's a big, big problem.  No matter what our spiritual roots are, If we can start to practice kindness toward ourselves, it would go a very long way."
Don't forget to register for T4C14 -
Prices go up end of February.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Let's see if we can keep this more up to date this year.... 8AM Rides Sunday at Paradise Bakery on Doubletree and Scottsdale Road.  Check out our Facebook for more details.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

T4C 2013 was a great success!!!
Thanks to everyone for giving back to our fabulous community and taking care of our breast cancer survivors. 

Be sure to check Facebook T4C 
- more pics have been loaded.  
Also, if you have pics - feel free to upload.

Don't get too comfy - now we have to keep training for Tempe International.  
Tri Scottsdale wants YOU!!!
1500m swim/40k bike/10k run Triathlon,
400m swim/20K bike/5K run Triathlon
Sunday, May 19, 2013

Training Time Change Information:

Starting April 2nd: 

5:30am TriScottsdale Road Ride from Gainey Village
Starting April 4th:
5:30am TriScottsdale Road Ride from Gainey Village
Starting April 4th:
NO Master Swim at DC Ranch or Gainey Village
6:30am TriScottsdale Road Ride from Gainey Village
Starting April 7:
NWLB Ride from Paradise Bakery/Dbltree&Sct Rds moves to 7am

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Women's Half Marathon - WOW is all we can say.
Well we had about 35 gals that ran the race, several last minute registrations that pushed us into first place.

You gals were not only awesome, but were so supportive of each other.  The feedback from the gals that met us for the first time was so appreciative and grateful to be a part of the team.  Thank of being you and having fun.  Check out Abby Leudecke and Preston Miller's Facebook for many, many great photos.

So they didn't give out an award the day of the race, but we did get first place.... Terry and I are still in shock, so now that we have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place win of the let three years - how about next year we just shoot for more fun and more great women getting together to lease NO WOMAN BEHIND.

Last Sunday - The best part of the Women's Half Marathon....................
was seeing the NWLB smiley faces.  
You guys are awesome - thanks for being out on the course.

SPONSORS - YOU ROCKED OUR DAY- Thanks for the sponsorship - we have awesome shirts, and goodie bags that were actually good ;-)

A big thank you to Terry Dykshorn for suggesting we put a team together three years ago to participate in the Women's Half Marathon Event - it was a great idea and well worth the efforts.  Thanks again to all