Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5 - It was a very cold, but great 43 mile ride!

We started with Val and Betsy, but soon there were seven.  Thanks for coming out gals... we started with a cold 35 degree temp, and numb toes and fingers... 

Jackie started with saying her "Tips" were numb, but because her lips were frozen, we thought she was saying something else was cold... this set the mood for the day.  Somewhere around Mayo - someone yelled "something was dragging on the wheel under her butt" and the conversation went downhill.  By the time Val had a flat, and the CO2 cartridge wasn't working - Jackie had to hand pump the tire.  Let's just say - Jackie wanted to know how long she had to pump it, and would we know when to quit?  Sooo, we had a great day, lots of laughter.  There was a coyote on the road right as Val got a flat - we decided NO WOMAN WAS TO BE LEFT BEHIND, especially with the coyotes on the loose.

I was so proud of the gals for braving the cold, we decided to practice a pace line at a decent pace and see if we could rotate without any issues - we did it!

Usually we are such a large group -it's tough to get so many TYPE A personalities working together or in the same direction, but we did it.  It was a good ride, great pace, and everyone was glad they came out to ride.