Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26th, 2010 - Ironman AZ and NWLB Support

  NWLB is very proud of the AZ Ironman participants!!! 

It was an unbelievable event.... and Jackie and Tracy - YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!

It was a great day of NWLB riding down to watch the event, standing in the rain, and hanging out in the dark as Ironman racers ran across the finish line.

Swim finish at Ironman from Mill Avenue bridge is an amazing sight.

Tracy Britton waiving at the NWLB Gang!!  Looking good on the bike Tracy.

We saw Jackie on the bike - looking good, but didn't get to see her finish - I'm sure she looked as happy as Chrissie Wellington.  I do know that Kathy Zanath was at the finish and was happy to hang the Ironman Medal on Jackie - sooooo proud of you gals.

OTHER NWLB Events and Sightings..... Congrats to those that conquered the El Tour de Tucson - Su-Shien and Anna Natcher, and many more...
 Nice to see NWLB in many events, and making us proud.


P.S.  It's time to sign up for Tri for the Cure - March 20, 2011... let's make this the best event ever.   It's an amazing event, and we will have a special Pro Relay Team and several Pro Triathletes kicking off the start of the event - full of great energy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20, 2010 - A Cold Ride, Cave Creek Bike Festival, Race For the Cure, Tour de Tucson, Ironman and much more...

Val sent me a text last Sunday and there were only two gals and it was very, very cold.... then others arrived and it ended up being a good group of crazy women coming out to brave the cold weather to keep the NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND tradition moving forward!

So we will change the time on November 28th to 7:30AM and hope for warmer temperatures.

 Also, had two NWLB gals participate in the Cave Creek Bike Festival - Kelly Nash and Sue Berliner

It's time to sign up for Tri for the Cure - March 20, 2011... let's make this the best event ever.   It's an amazing event, and we will have a special Pro Relay Team and several Pro Triathletes kicking off the start of the event - full of great energy.

This weekend will be Tour de Tucson and Ironman - two unbelievable events.... good luck to all those participating in these challenging races.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 7th - WOW Half Marathon Runners

WOW is all I can say... What an amazing event, and NWLB had an incredible showing....

A big THANK YOU to everyone that made this event sooo much fun. Thanks to Terry Dykshorn for the brilliant idea and creativity along the way;  
Marianne Mildenberger/Kathy Zanath for registering the team name and me; the gals that did the training runs with us, but couldn't attend the race - Tami Romano, Mimi Shaps, Abby Forsberg, Theresa Seaquist McCarthy, Sue Berliner, Shelly, Kate Hackett Montgomery, Regan Rawlinson Butcher, Melissa, and all da Friday Hill Run boys.
Thanks to our amazing sponsors that made the shirts/goodie bags possible - Coupons from Jamba Juice, Rock Bottom, Einsteins, Gainey Village Health Club, Lucky Shirt Promotions (they sure were lucky) - Jennifer Beus, Whisked Away - Maggie Norris, North Scottsdale Foot & Ankle Center - Dr. Anna Natcher, costello-childs Contemporary Fine Art Resources & Re:SOLUTIONS - Michelle St Baker-Childs, Daryl Childs, Just a Bite Cake Pops - Mindy Himmel, Navigate Marketing - Stefanie Francis, iCoat Concrete Products - Cindy Rodarte, Tim Phelps, the SHOPS gainey village - Tracy Britton, Ullmann & Company P.C. - , The Sisters - Jones Family Vineyard - Elaine Sczuka, firsteval - Melissa S. Kovacs, Mied Law Group - Amber Mied, Mountain Rags - Lisa Ann Kravetz, The Williams Real Estate Company - , M.S. White Enterprises - Janie White, Fresh Hair - Terry Olson Dykshorn and Tri Scottsdale - Preston Miller.

Thanks to all the wonderful people that came out to cheer us on - George Catalano, 
Al Steinberg and girls, Sue Iverson, Laura Olderog,

Bill and Hunter Nash and many, many more...

Thanks to all the incredible NWLB gals for not only coming out and having fun, but for taking 3rd place in the team competition; our rockstar gals that made our average 1:43 - Sara Leesman 1:39:31, Suzanne O'Neil 1:40:43, Janie White 1:42:19, Lisa Kravitz 1:47:58, Hannah Ochoa 1:49:22 and the 45 other NLWB gals that came out to run this amazing race - thanks for believing, having fun and just being YOU. 
I was soooo proud.... NEXT STOP TRI FOR THE CURE!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October 31st - No Witches Left Behind

NWLB on Halloween - The Witches Ride was soooo much fun.  Thanks for being casual gals and for having fun.  We were not out of the parking lot before my hat came off, then Jeannie's and then Lisa's.... but with all the costume failures, we managed to stay together and NO WITCH WAS LEFT BEHIND.  Thanks Terry for the idea - it was a great success.

We did Tempe Loop last week without the hills... but since the Women's Half Marathon is this week, thought we could do the Tempe Loop again - so we can support the 50 plus NWLB/Fresh Hair gals running the race - we surely will be the happiest group in the mix.  It will be the same route as last week, but the good news  we will start at 6:30 AM, the run starts at 7AM, so by the time we cycle down to 68th and McDowell some NWLB gals should be coming by this spot.  If we can make it across McDowell, we can try to catch the runners again on Curry.  It might be tough to get around the race course, but with our bicycling skills ;-) we will surely find a way through the crowds.  Hope to see you on the run or the ride.

The weekly Friday runs have been another great opportunity to support each other... It's way more fun training with a group - definitely motivates and gets you out of your comfort zone.  So put on those shoes, and come on out.  Lisa K, even has several people climbing Camelback after the run - you guys are crazy!!!!  ... so join us for a walk/run/hike or just come for coffee!!

News for TEAM NWLB / FRESH HAIR - November 7th Women's Half Marathon.
We will meet at the Northeast corner of Indian School and Scottsdale Road at 6:30AM - not sure what the crowd will look like at that spot, but once we meet, then we can reposition ourselves for the start of the race - Have fun gals... and see you on the course. 

Thanks to all our sponsors.