Monday, June 18, 2012

Sundays Father's Day ride was a ton of fun and we appreciate everyone that came out ! Pictures will soon follow :) Last weeks ride out to Butcher Jones Cove with the swim was a HUGE SUCCESS!! To be done again ;)

Butcher Jones Cove Ride/Swim 
We had a great ride/swim.  Thanks to Preston for supporting us through our flat tires, saving us in the water, and just being you.
swim b

Don't forget.. This Friday 6/22 is the Tri Scottsdale/NWLB Golf Outing $20 for nine holes and a beer! RSVP to by 6/19 . Come ready for loads of fun!!


NWLB new Jersey time... $75

We will have a new try top... pink and white are reversed - all else is the same.  Please email if you would like to preorder - Will arrive in August.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Exciting news with No Woman Left Behind! We are a fun adventurious group that supports and encourages women and meet at Paradise Bakery on Doubletree & Scottsdale Rd at 5:30am every Sunday for a ride. We also meet for running and swimming throughout the week. We are excited for the adventures to come and for the group to continues growing !!

Last week we did Happy Valley - most of you were happy ;-)
Nice job - we are keeping the miles up and the rides challenging.  There is always a shorter less challenging route - so don't let it make you nervous - you may modify until it suits your needs.  

OK - so you all look too fresh - looks like while I was away - the mice took it easy with a 25 mile ride.  While NO WOMAN WAS LEFT BEHIND - I think there were many going in different directions.  The good news - you all made it back for coffee.  So since you had a nice couple rest weeks, we will pick up the pace again and tackle Happy Valley loop this week.
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