Saturday, March 1, 2014

We love stories with happy endings and NWLB taking care of our community.  Thanks Laura and Stefanie for being so awesome!

"It was New Year's Day.  As a precaution, I had left my car at a friend's house the night before.  I packed up my beach cruiser with the dog in tow and set out along a canal course from 68th St. and McDowell to 7th Ave. and Dunlap.  Given the weight of the bike, only three gears and a needy pup in tow, I figured the journey would take a while. 
The cruiser was on its last leg after eight years of tune-ups to give it "one more go at life".  It started making a noise that I knew meant this was its farewell voyage around 32nd Street and Camelback.  Too far to turn back, but with no other resources (would Uber pick me up with a dog?), I trudged on.  Coming up under the underpass near 12st St. and Glendale the bike decided it had had enough and died.  And I mean, instantly died.  
I laughed knowing I was stranded but was met with a friendly walker asking if I needed help.  After my fourth attempt declining the offer (I am not a fan of accepting help....I will work on that), I realized that she wasn't going away.  As I agreed to at least try and fix the bike under her guidance, I realized that she was wearing a NWLB jersey.  Having ridden with the group on numerous occasions (as well as knowing Christina, Tami and Val outside of the group) we started chatting about NWLB and how great the whole group is. 
Laura spent over 30 minutes with me that day.  Ultimately, the bike was totalled, but the experience made me believe in the goodness of humanity again.  Thank you Laura and NWLB for being awesome.....I am grateful for you.   
Stefanie Francis"

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