Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Women's Half Marathon - WOW is all we can say.
Well we had about 35 gals that ran the race, several last minute registrations that pushed us into first place.

You gals were not only awesome, but were so supportive of each other.  The feedback from the gals that met us for the first time was so appreciative and grateful to be a part of the team.  Thank of being you and having fun.  Check out Abby Leudecke and Preston Miller's Facebook for many, many great photos.

So they didn't give out an award the day of the race, but we did get first place.... Terry and I are still in shock, so now that we have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place win of the let three years - how about next year we just shoot for more fun and more great women getting together to lease NO WOMAN BEHIND.

Last Sunday - The best part of the Women's Half Marathon....................
was seeing the NWLB smiley faces.  
You guys are awesome - thanks for being out on the course.

SPONSORS - YOU ROCKED OUR DAY- Thanks for the sponsorship - we have awesome shirts, and goodie bags that were actually good ;-)

A big thank you to Terry Dykshorn for suggesting we put a team together three years ago to participate in the Women's Half Marathon Event - it was a great idea and well worth the efforts.  Thanks again to all 


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