Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Are you ready to run?????

Come on out Friday, August 3rd to start your Half Marathon Training and bring a friend.  We will start with five miles and gradually build up to the marathon in November.  If you have a friend that isn't doing the marathon - bring them - all levels, all distances welcome. 

5:30AM Starbucks 
Indian Bend and Scottsdale - Every Friday

CONGRATS to Jackie Z - Rode every day of the tour.
Here is a picture of Jackie in the Polka Dot Jersey - won all of them.  Also all the lions that she won at the tour.  Wiggins has nothing on JZ.  Preston, Pat C and Tami were close, but no Podium Positions.


Last Sunday - Shocked at the turnout!!!
It rained the day before, it was hot and muggy - but didn't stop the NWLB gals.  I will say when you see these pictures - we need Laura O, Jacque or Michelle - because the bike lane formation was not so good.  It was a great ride though.  Angela managed to stay upright coming down Shea when a nail did a number on her tire. We rescued her and NO WOMAN WAS LEFT BEHIND.

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