Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 10th - Via Linda Loop

*******NEW START TIME 6:30AM - October 17th through end of November**********

October 17th - A reminder that Val/NWLB will have a charity ride to raise awareness/and raise funds for Lose The Training Wheels Camp.  The ride is open to all - Men and Women.  We will be riding the Mayo/Deer Valley Airport Loop, approximately 30 miles, then back to Paradise Bakery. 

October 10th - We had about thirteen gals this Sunday.... I was very shocked and proud to see so many gals show up for this ride, considering you just finished Tour de Scottsdale the weekend before. Since we had a small group we headed out together and found our way out to Via Linda Hills.  We had two new gals on the ride and they were quite strong - welcome to the group and thanks for coming out.  As we hit the hills, we naturally broke into two groups, but had a regroup at the Larkspur Gate.  No flats, and no whining - so we added a little loop off of Mountain View and 124th just to mix it up.  Great fun, thanks for riding, see you this Sunday for our charity ride.

 Also - I received several comments regarding the NWLB showing at the event and how supportive the gals were to each other.  WAY TO GO!!!  In fact, I was approached by a local sponsor that wanted to know if we had a cycling team.  They would like to sponsor a NWLB Cycling Team..... soooo, am curious to know if anyone would be interested in a NWLB cycling team??? Send me your feedback.

A finishing note - Terry came out to share with us her witches outfit for the ride on the 31st -  don't forget the Witch Theme.  If you are registered for the Womens Half Marathon November 7th... be sure to come on out October 31st and pick up your NWLB/Fresh Hair Team Goodie Bag/Shirt for the November 7th Half Marathon.

See you this Friday for our run... or Sunday for the Ride!!

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