Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 3rd Ride and Congratulations to the Tour de Scottsdale Riders

Congratulations to those that completed the Tour de Scottsdale - NWLB had a great showing at the race and rocked the event with amazing finishes - Way to Go!!

Last Sunday – October 3rd – Tour de Scottsdale - Thompson Peak: I received a call from Val and she was the only one in the parking lot. Our guess was NWLB gals were either riding TdS or sleeping in... by the time I made it to the parking lot - we had 7 gals ready to ride up to the start of the TdS race. We had a slight delay in the parking lot with Jeannie's tire, got it fixed and headed north to the event..... now we were pushing it, and I was still amazed the gals were able to talk at this pace. As we started up Thompson Peak - we got a flat.... so Val and I, with Lisa's camera - took off in hopes of seeing the start. As we entered the parking, most of the riders had already pulled out, but we were lucky enough to see Marianne and a couple others beginning their journey. Then we realized if we went to the top of the marketplace on Thompson Peak - the lead riders were just coming back through... we got to see everyone (the flat tire gang made it back to us, but I don't think they were able to see anyone - they were there in spirit for sure). We saw Amy, Theresa, Marianne, Kathy, Terry, Cindy, Jackie, Michelle, Melissa, Kelly N., Angela, Tricia - I'm sure there are others... but everyone went by so fast, it was fun to be a spectator. Congratulations again, you gals rocked the race! Share your stories and we can post next week or on facebook - send them to me!

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