Friday, October 22, 2010

October 24th - Camelback Loop - Come on out for a ride around Camelback.  We'll venture through Mummy Mountain, down to Sanctuary and then Lafayette.  With a strong push down Lafayette, then up and around Angie's Hill.  We will then regroup at Camelback Village for a refuel - and then around the Camels Head and back through the golf course to Paradise.

I want to say a big THANK YOU to Lisa and Michelle for not only being a big supporter of NWLB, but in helping to make us look way more professional.  We now have Lisa as our Photog and Michelle as our Marketeer.  You gals are amazing and your donation of time and skills are much appreciated. 

We have been missing our Safety Director lately, I'm sure Laura is still educating one cyclist/driver at a time on proper cycling etiquette - thanks Laura.  And thank you to all the regulars that continue to come out, help lead/sweep the group, and those that can actually make it out that early on Sunday mornings ;-).

News for Team NWLB/Fresh Hair - OMGosh - you should see the running shirts - they are adorable... thanks to Terry's persistence that we had to have a more fashionable shirt - we have succeeded.  CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE them on the October 31st NWLB Witches Ride.  The weekly Friday runs have been another great opportunity to support each other... It's way more fun training with a group - definitely motivates and gets you out of your comfort zone.  So put on those shoes, and come on out.  Lisa K, even has several people climbing Camelback after the run - you guys are crazy!!!

Don't forget November 7th - Women's First Half Marathon - NWLB will have over 40 runners. WOW

See you this Friday for a run... or Sunday for the Ride!!

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  1. Wow, I'm really missing out on your rides, ladies! Although Boston is lots of fun, my granddaughter Stella is soooo sweet and beautiful, I just don't know how I'll make this trip home on Monday~ so, I'll be seeing you all next Sunday morning at 6:30 am - just hope I can keep up!!Sue