Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26th, 2010 - Ironman AZ and NWLB Support

  NWLB is very proud of the AZ Ironman participants!!! 

It was an unbelievable event.... and Jackie and Tracy - YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!!!

It was a great day of NWLB riding down to watch the event, standing in the rain, and hanging out in the dark as Ironman racers ran across the finish line.

Swim finish at Ironman from Mill Avenue bridge is an amazing sight.

Tracy Britton waiving at the NWLB Gang!!  Looking good on the bike Tracy.

We saw Jackie on the bike - looking good, but didn't get to see her finish - I'm sure she looked as happy as Chrissie Wellington.  I do know that Kathy Zanath was at the finish and was happy to hang the Ironman Medal on Jackie - sooooo proud of you gals.

OTHER NWLB Events and Sightings..... Congrats to those that conquered the El Tour de Tucson - Su-Shien and Anna Natcher, and many more...
 Nice to see NWLB in many events, and making us proud.


P.S.  It's time to sign up for Tri for the Cure - March 20, 2011... let's make this the best event ever.   It's an amazing event, and we will have a special Pro Relay Team and several Pro Triathletes kicking off the start of the event - full of great energy.

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