Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20, 2010 - A Cold Ride, Cave Creek Bike Festival, Race For the Cure, Tour de Tucson, Ironman and much more...

Val sent me a text last Sunday and there were only two gals and it was very, very cold.... then others arrived and it ended up being a good group of crazy women coming out to brave the cold weather to keep the NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND tradition moving forward!

So we will change the time on November 28th to 7:30AM and hope for warmer temperatures.

 Also, had two NWLB gals participate in the Cave Creek Bike Festival - Kelly Nash and Sue Berliner

It's time to sign up for Tri for the Cure - March 20, 2011... let's make this the best event ever.   It's an amazing event, and we will have a special Pro Relay Team and several Pro Triathletes kicking off the start of the event - full of great energy.

This weekend will be Tour de Tucson and Ironman - two unbelievable events.... good luck to all those participating in these challenging races.


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