Wednesday, November 10, 2010

October 31st - No Witches Left Behind

NWLB on Halloween - The Witches Ride was soooo much fun.  Thanks for being casual gals and for having fun.  We were not out of the parking lot before my hat came off, then Jeannie's and then Lisa's.... but with all the costume failures, we managed to stay together and NO WITCH WAS LEFT BEHIND.  Thanks Terry for the idea - it was a great success.

We did Tempe Loop last week without the hills... but since the Women's Half Marathon is this week, thought we could do the Tempe Loop again - so we can support the 50 plus NWLB/Fresh Hair gals running the race - we surely will be the happiest group in the mix.  It will be the same route as last week, but the good news  we will start at 6:30 AM, the run starts at 7AM, so by the time we cycle down to 68th and McDowell some NWLB gals should be coming by this spot.  If we can make it across McDowell, we can try to catch the runners again on Curry.  It might be tough to get around the race course, but with our bicycling skills ;-) we will surely find a way through the crowds.  Hope to see you on the run or the ride.

The weekly Friday runs have been another great opportunity to support each other... It's way more fun training with a group - definitely motivates and gets you out of your comfort zone.  So put on those shoes, and come on out.  Lisa K, even has several people climbing Camelback after the run - you guys are crazy!!!!  ... so join us for a walk/run/hike or just come for coffee!!

News for TEAM NWLB / FRESH HAIR - November 7th Women's Half Marathon.
We will meet at the Northeast corner of Indian School and Scottsdale Road at 6:30AM - not sure what the crowd will look like at that spot, but once we meet, then we can reposition ourselves for the start of the race - Have fun gals... and see you on the course. 

Thanks to all our sponsors.

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