Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CONGRATS to those that raced recently!
JCC Triathlon
Maxi - Claire Moty - 5th Overall 1:02:03
Mini - Hayley Sayrs - 2nd Div 1:32:12
Youth - Ages 1-8, Clair Ellish 0:37:09
Youth - Ages 9-10, Jayda Price 6th Div 0:23:50
Ansley Britton 8th Div 0:26:23
Youth - Ages 11-12, Kaitlyn Laibe 4th Div 0:33:45

Everyone did an AMAZING job with the triathlon! We cannot wait to see the youngsters continue on racing and hopefully join our NWLB gang!

Last Sunday - New Gals and Returning Mommas.   Nice to see you all on the ride.

Bicycle Ranch News...

New Group Rides
We are happy to announce that we have added 2 new rides to the weekly calendar. A Tuesday Mountain Bike ride and a Thursday night Road Bike ride.  As always - all levels are welcome.  Please come and join us.
Tuesday: Meet at 5:30pm behind the shop to hit the McDowell Mountains. We come back at dusk about 2 hours later.  Lights are at your discretion. Please check sunset times.
Thursday: Meet at 7pm behind the shop. Lights are required for this road bike ride. An approx. 22 miles loop south of the shop should get us back in just over an hour.

Are you ready.... August we will start Friday Run Build UP Mileage to prepare for Women's Half Marathon
 Soooo by August, aim for a comfortable five mile base, and we will build from that point - all the way up to 13.1 miles.

Keep Joining Us Gals !!! We LOOOOVE seeing all of your faces :)

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