Friday, July 6, 2012

Last Sunday's Tempe Loop went FANTASTICALLY!!! No Woman Was Left Behind :) A Great Group Ride !

We welcome new riders and have a great response from Jessica - she joined us last week and this is what she had to say... thanks for the note Jessica: 
"I've been wanting to join up for nearly a year now and today finally overcame my intimidation to join No Woman Left Behind.  I'm so glad I did ~ the women were fabulous, encouraging, and didn't leave me behind!  Thanks SO MUCH -- I can't wait to join in next week!! "
Beginning August we will start Friday Run Build UP Mileage to prepare for Women's Half Marathon
 Soooo by August, aim for a comfortable five mile base, and we will build from that point - all the way up to 13.1 miles.
11-4-12 - Discount Code RUNCLUBAZ12 - for $10 off entry
The first year we won third, last year we won 2nd - how about 1st this year. 
Really it's just about having fun and supporting each other!
I hope you can make it out again this year.
  Register under Team NWLB with Fresh Hair
Come on Sponsors... help with the shirts and goodie bags... put your feelers out for us and let's make this even more special.

Come August 2012 NWLB will have a bowling event !
Soon to come.. NWLB Evening Social..!!! Will keep you posted :)

Save $$$$JERSEYS:  SALE SALE SALE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
SALE - Normally $60 - NOW $50 on remaining sizes... (except Tri Suits and Long Sleeve) 
Tri Suits:  S-1, M-2, XL-1

Tri Tops:  XS-0, S-7, M-6, L-0, XL-0
XS-2, S-4, M-5, L-0, XL-3, 2X-8, 3X10, 4X3
Short Sleeve:  
XS-1, S-2, M-0, L-6, XL-3
Long Sleeve Jacket:  S-3, M-6, L-4 XL-2, 2X-2, 3X-1
Extras available - give Christina a call - 602-206-8270.                                                                                                                          Back to top
Offer Expires: When all sold out!

Now Remember.. NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND!!! Let's continue our endless support of each other :)

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